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Publications in Print

Last Updated – 30 November 2018

Welcome to this blog post which lists my publications available in print



B. On Education

C. Miscellaneous


1.Glossary of ELT Terms (A Reference Booklet for Teacher Trainers) RIESI, Bangalore, 2000

2.Book review in the journal The English Classroom Vol 2 No.1. June 1998 P 58-60

3.Testing Spoken English: Points to Ponder. In the News Letter of the District Centre for English, Neyyattinkara, Kerala General Education Department, Sep 2007.

4.Breaking the Chalk-Talk Culture : Video for ESL. In the Mar Baselios College of Education, College Magazine 2007.

5.Issues related to secondary English language instruction. Teacher, Learner and Society. Vol 4 No.1 July 2007.P38-41.

6.Article entitled Linguistic Tasks and PC Generated Film Clips for HR Education. In the Journal of English Language Teaching (India)Vol 45/7 sep-Oct 2007.

7.Article entitled Visual Dimension To ELT in Bhaskaran and Ramalingam(ed.) Teaching of English: From Theory to Classroom Strategies, PCBS,Puducherry Jan. 2008 P 69-73.

8.Article entitled Reformulating Goals In The Time of Globalization: Points To Ponder in the District Center for English, Nadakkavu Decade Souvenir 1997-2007 March 2008 P103-105.

9.Article entitled Classification of Indian Teachers of English. In the Journal of Studies in Teacher Education 1.1.June 2008 P 46-49

10.Article entitled Probing Changing Needs of English Lecturers. In the
GCTE Journal of Research and Extension in Education Vol 4/1 Jan 2009 P 13-16

11.Article entitled ‘Twitter for ELT…A Web 2.0 Fad? In the Proceedings of Two Day State Level Seminar on Implication of Novel Technological Approaches in Education, Titus II Teachers College, Tiruvalla 9th and 10th July 2009 P39-43

12.Article entitled ‘Connecting Symbols: A Language–based Task. In the Journal of ELTIF Vol 1.2 April-June 2010 P. 26-27

13.Articles entitled ‘Teaching a Poem’; ‘Teaching a Prose Passage’ in Towards a Student-Centred Pedagogy in English Language Teaching. Ed. Chandhini David, Lal.C.A. CELT, Christian College Kattakada.  P104-111 July 2010.

14.Article entitled Exit With A Smile ; Strategies For The Last Unplanned Minutes. In Bhaskaran and Ramalingam(ed.) Teaching of English: Issues, Inquiries and Innovations, PCBS,Puducherry Nov. 2010 P 99-105

15.Article entitled Animations to Animate Language Use in Jamuna B.S. and Lal C.A (ed) New Strides in English Teaching,Gowli Books, Kochi. 2011 P35-39

16.Article entitled A Constructivist Reformulation of the Film–Literature Pedagogy. In Ghanashyam and Chandra Moul (ed.) English Language Teaching : A pedagogical Webquest, Authorspress, New Delhi.2011 P 163-172

 17.Article entitled ‘Breaking Montony: A Few Interesting Classroom Activities in Journal of ELTIF Vol 1.3.July-Sep 2010 P 9-11.

18.Article entitled Teacher-made video for communicative competence. In Journal of ELTIF Vol.2.2 April-June 2011 25-27 ISSN 2230-7710

19.Article entitled Ad’s, MI & ELT: An ICT enabled integration. In the Proceedings of the International Conference on ELT: Pedagogical Strategies in the 21st Century, organized by UGC-SAP, Institute of English and Centre for English Language Teaching, University of Kerala in collaboration with Christ Church University, Kent, UK on 3rd to 4th February 2011. P52-56

20.Article entitled Performance Pedagogy in the English Classroom. In the Journal of ELTIF Vol.II.4 (Oct-Dec 2011) 8-9,25 ISSN 2230-7710

21.Article entitled Integrated Teaching of Film and Novel in ESL Classrooms. In the GCTE Journal of Research and Extension in Education, ISSN 0975-5144  Vol 7(1) January 2012

22.Article entitled Language Refinement Through Native Faculty Immersion-A Local CLT Experiment. In  the Proceedings of  the 7th International and 43rd Annual ELTAI Conference on The English Classroom Experiment and Experiences ISBN 978-93-80757-91-9   P 69 to 7

 23.Article entitled Mustering a modus operandi from the modern methodological matrix.   In  the Proceedings of  the UGC sponsored  National Seminar  on Models of Teaching: An Inquiry into the Pedagogical Discourses  of Teaching in Humanities, Social Sciences and Technology ISBN 978-81-923985-0-1   P 20 to 24.

24.Article entitled Sheltered Instructional Strategy for UG Classrooms: A Proposal for Improving Proficiency in English.  In Bhaskaran and Ramalingam (ed.) Teaching of English: Experiences and Experiments, Pudu Books, Puducherry 2013 ISBN 81-87299-72-X  P57-60

25.Article entitled Integrated Teaching  of  Film  and Novel in ESL  Classrooms.  In Chandra  Mouli, Sai T. (ed.)  English Language Teaching and Pedagogy, Aavishkar Publishers, Distributors, Jaipur  2014 ISBN  978-81-7910-455-2  P212-217.

26.Article entitled Language Instructional Strategy in English Vinglish-A Critique in HCTE Journal of Educational Research  Vol 1.1 June 2013. ISSN 2347-582X P63-68.
27.Article entitled Text to Context Through Multimedia: An Exploration of Pedagogical Possibilities. In the Proceedings of  the UGC Sponsored Two-Day National Seminar on English Language and Literature in the e-Era organized by Payyanur College, Payyanur on January 4 and 5 2013-P 33 to 36.

28.Article entitled Learning and teaching beyond without textbooks. In the Proceedings of the UGC sponsored National Workshop on e-learning Techniques and Strategies in Arabic Language Teaching on 22 and 23 January 2014. P32 to 35.

29.Article entitled Online professional development of ESL teachers: A case study.  In the Journal of ELTIF Vol.VI .2 (April-June 2015) P.55-58. ISSN 2230-7710.

30.Article entitled Participant Observer Study of an Online Professional Development Course for Teachers of English.   In the Proceedings of the National Seminar on Reconceiving Teacher Education for Meeting the Challenges of the Knowledge Society organized by Govt. CTE, Thiruvananthapuram on 27 and 28 November 2014. P30-36 ISBN 978-81-931058-3-2.

31.Article entitled Chip and connect-An innovative approach to teaching poetry. In English Activities Update Combined Issue Vol 4.2. and 5.1.July 2013 and Jan 2014.P116-124.ISSN 0976-3643.

32.Article entitled English Vinglish and English Language Competence: A Social Reality Check. In Littcrit Issue 80 Vol 41.2 Dec 2015. P 112-117.ISSN 0970-8049.

33.Article entitled Bahubali In The English Class Room-A Dogme Approach. In Journal of ELTIF Vol IX.1. Jan-Mar 2018. P 36-40.ISSN 2230-7710.

34. “English for All”:Communicative English Course for Children at Kannavam-Report of the Eight-day Annual ELTIF Event 2017

In Journal of ELTIF Vol IX.2. April-June 2018. P 61-63.ISSN 2230-7710

B. On Education

1.Article entitled Developing Aesthetic Sensibility : A Plea and a Plan for Pre-Service Training.  In GCTE Journal of Research & Extension in Education Vol 1 Issue 2 July 2007 P 16-20.

 2.Article entitled Pedagogic Grooming via Silver Screen. In GCTE Journal
of Research and Extension in Education
Vol 3 Issue 1 Jan 2008 P 69-74

3.Article entitled Learning Paradigms Sans Visual Culture? Studies in Education, Vol  25.1.Jan 2008  P14-18.

4.Article entitled Marshalling Student Capability Through Knowledge-Centric Web Critiquing – A study, in Gurujyothi Research and Reflections Vol 2. No. 2 P 37-41.

5.Article entitled REFLECT…REFLECT…You Have Nothing To Lose! in Mikacha Adhyapanam Engane?. (Malayalam-Compilation of articles) Wintech Publications, Trivandrum. Jan 2010 P59-63.

6.Article entitled Coping With Friends in Mikacha Patanathinum, Mikacha Vijayathinum Vidyarthikalkkulla Marganirdesangal. (Malayalam-Compilation of articles) Wintech Publications, Trivandrum. Jan 2010 P83-86

7.Article entitled Honing Trainee Writing Skills Through ICT-based Immersion Programme : A Case Study, in GCTE Journal of Research & Extension in Education Vol 5 Issue 2 July 2010 P 69-73.

8.Article entitled Connecting For Peace: A Five-Step-Formula in the Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Convention & International Seminar of Council For Teacher Education (CTE) Kerala State Centre, on Peace Education: An Orientation For Gen Next, 13th & 14th August 2010 , Volume 1 Compendium P 8-12.

9.Article entitled A Survey Probing Qualities Essential for Teachers of English and its Implication for Teacher Education in the Proceedings of the UGC sponsored National Seminar on Learning to Be: Problems and Prospects towards Developmental Education organized by S.N. Training College, Nedunganda on 18th and 19th March 2011. P 39-41.

10.Article entitled Managing Classrooms: Does Seating Matter. In the Compendium of Papers of the UGC sponsored National Seminar on Classroom Management: Emerging Trends, organized by S.N.Training College, Nedunganda, 17th to 18th June 2011.P 38-40.

11.Article entitled Ugly Ducklings to Mahalekshmi: A Cyber Enabled Transformation. In the Proceedings of the UGC sponsored National Seminar on Gender Quest in Multiple Intelligences, organized by Farook Training College, Kozhikkode on 2nd and 3rd September 2011. P 41-48.

12.Article entitled Fostering MI in Teacher Educators: Cashing-in on the Techno-surge. In the Proceedings of the UGC sponsored National Seminar on Educating Teacher Educators for Diversity  organized by Govt. College of Teacher Education, Kozhikkode on 15th and 16th September 2011. P108-114.

13.Article entitled Blogging as a Pedagogical Tool. In the Proceedings of the UGC Sponsored National Workshop on  e-Content Authoring in Language Teaching, Keyi Sahib Training College, Taliparamba November 2011 P 25-29.

14.Article entitled  In Favour of Consoles: Making Inclusion Happen in Janet Vitus, Geetha (Ed.) Proceedings of  International Workshop –cum-Seminar on Making Inclusion Happen-Learning for all students IWCSMIHLFAS 2011, Centre for Learning Disabilities(CLDD),Dept of Education, University of Kerala 2012 ISBN 978-93-80624-36-5  P 50-51.

15.Article entitled Lacuna in MI: An ICT-based  Empowerment Strategy for Women Trainees. In Teacher Education  in Twenty First Century. A. Jahitha Begum (Ed.) APH Publishing Corporation New Delhi  2012 P 80-85.

16.Article entitled Ensuring Quality Assurance in Teacher Education Through ICT, M.S.S. Seelan  Ed.Quality Assurance in Teacher Education, BACE, Muttom 2012 P 71 to 76 ISBN 978-81-924919-0-5.

17.Article entitled When A Student Stabs A Teacher…Does Gandhi Matter? Compendium of Proceedings of the   International  Seminar on  Gandhian Educational Principles and Practices for  the Emerging Global Scenario, published by Dr.N.P.Pillai Centennial Celebration Committee, SPFERD and MTTC 2012 ISBN 978-81-923093-2-3  P 255-256.

18.Article entitled ‘Kiss & Smile’-A Formula For Digital Knowledge Packaging  in  Senan, Divya C.  ed.  Knowledge Management and Instructional  Technology- The  Praxis of Teaching and Learning, SN Training College, Nedunganda 2013 ISBN 978-81-927948-0-8 P35-41.

19.Article entitled Educational Renaissance Through Reform, Transformation and New Indexes. In Proceedings of the  UGC Sponsored National Seminar. St.Thomas College of Teacher Education, Pala.2012.  P.lxii  to lxxi ISBN 978-93-82359-41-8.

24.Article entitled When Instructional Designs vary are we employing emerging Designs? In Proceedings of the NAAC sponsored National Seminar on ICT Enhanced Teacher Education Among Disadvantaged Sections: Issues and Challenges for Teacher Educators organized by the IQAC of Avila College of Education, Cochin. 17-18 May 2013. P10-13.

21.Article entitled Shockvertising in Print Media: A Minor Reception Study. In Jupiter (Journal of United Progressive Initiatives in Teacher Education Research-International Peer Reviewed Biannual Journal) Vol.1.2 July 2013. ISSN 2321-0575 P25-32.

22.Article entitled Teaching Morals Through Stories- the Ancient Oral Mode and the Modern Digital Mode: A Study. In Murty, KVSN. ed. Philosophical Foundations of  Education in Ancient India and Its Relevance to Present Day Context. School of Education, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya (SCSVM University) November 2013  P26-30 ISBN 978-81-925639-1-6.

23.Article entitled Sensitizing Pedagogic Perspective Through Short Films- A Study. NISMA, Journal of Teacher Learner and Researcher, Noorul Islam University Vol 2 Special Issue Jan-Feb 2014 P85-86 ISSN 0973-3957.

24.Article entitled Soft and Hard Part of Communication Skills- A Qualitative Approach. In Balamurugan and Lalithamma Ed. Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions-Criteria, Techniques and Issues. School of Education, Pondicherry University, Puducherry  2014 P.73-74. ISBN 978-81-989178.

25.Article entitled Curriculum Reforms : A Pragmatic Formula  for Perceptive Voices In Research and Pedagogic Interventions, Govt. Brennen College of Teacher Education, Thalassery P22-24 Vol 3.1.Jan 2014 ISSN 2277-3991.

 26.Article entitled Recasting Vivekananda’s Sine-qua-non  for Bliss –The Sexual Abstinence Index  In Compendium of Papers  presented at the International Seminar organized in connection with the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda at Gandhi Bhavan, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapruam from 5 to 7 September 2013. ISBN:978-81-926803-0-9. P126-130.

27.Article entitled Swamiji and the Guru in Renovating Education. In C.Janakavalli etal Eds.) Renovating  Higher Education:Vision of Swami Vivekananda. Kalpaz Publications, Delhi 2014. P21-23.ISBN 978-93-5128-030-9.

28.Article entitled Pedagogical base of ICT for the digital world. In Monograph of International Conference on  redesigning  teacher education for value addition in Immanuel  Arsar College of Education, Marthandam  on 28 and 29 January 2014.P 20 to 25. ISBN 978-93-80757-96-4.

29.Article entitled Online Videos for Knowledge Processing: A Study. In Jupiter (Journal of United Progressive Initiatives in Teacher Education Research-International Peer Reviewed Biannual Journal) Vol.2.2 July 2014. ISSN 2321-0575 P1-3.

30.Article entitled Social Media And Eating Disorder –A Toxic Combination. In the Proceedings of the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Sports Culture and Society: Trends And Challenges. Govt. Brennen College of Teacher Education, Thalassery, 2014. P.79 to 86. ISBN 978-81-922109-2-6.

31. Text of  Keynote address delivered at the One Day National Conference on Effective Methods of Developing Skills in Teaching and Learning.  In the Conference Proceedings Ed. Sheela, KA. Virudhunagar M.S.P.Nadar College of Education, Tamilnadu. 24 January 2015. P vii-xiv.ISBN 978-81723-37-1.

32.Article entitled Combining Creative and Critical Thinking For Innovative  And Inspirational Learning Environment. In the Compendium of Papers presented at the International Conference on Innovative and Inspirational Learning Environment Through Creative and Critical Thinking (ILECT-2014)   organized by Holy Trinity College of Education, Melpalai, Kanyakumari. P.22 to 26.ISBN 978-81-927706-0-4.

33. Article entitled Are our teacher education programmes effective?. In GCTE Journal of Research and Extension in Education Vol 10 Issue 2 July 2015 P 17-22.ISSN 0975-5144.

34.Article entitled Whatsapp  Unplugged for Content Revision- A Minor Study. In the Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Management and Administration with focus on Managing  Quality in Education towards a Knowledge Society  (INCEMA 2015). State Institute of Educational Management and Training-Kerala, Govt. of Kerala, India P 317 to 319  ISBN 978-93-5254-143-0.

35. Article entitled Social Dynamics in a Cross Border Online Course –A Study  in the Proceedings of the Third International Seminar of Swami Vivekananda Association of Science and Humanities (SVASH 2016). Volume II-Humanities P 209-223  ISBN 978-81-928007-45

36. Article entitled Film-based Research-Deficient or Defunct Practices?-An Explorative Study  in the Proceedings of the Annual Cum International Conference of AIAER (INTCONF 2015).  P 71-74  ISBN 978-81-931058-5-6

37. Article entitled Identity Self-check-An Innovative Film-based strategy for Adolescent Education  in the Proceedings of the National Conference on Prospects, Practices  and Trends in Adolescence Education.  P 296-302.

38. Article entitled Recent Trends in ICT in Paradigms of Research in Educational Development via ICT:PREDICT 2017 edited by A. Veliappan, Publication  Division, Manonmanian Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli 2017. P6-8. ISBN 978-93-81402-41-2 

39. Article entitled Tackling Emotional Distress With Positive Intelligence-Case Study Of A Two-Year MEd Programme in Roots International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches Vol 4 Special Issue 3 Nov 2017 ISSN 2349-8684, Journal with Impact Factor 3.487 P11-13

40. Article entitled Quality concerns in Pedagogic Practice during Internship in the Two Year MEd Programme-A Brief Review In Deepthi and Ancy (Ed.) Emerging Knowledge Society: Curricular and Technological Innovations and Practices,  Mar Theophilus Training College  2017. ISBN 978-81-923093-0-9

C. Miscellaneous

1.Poem entitled The Old Sculptor in the Govt. College of Teacher  Education, Calicut, College Magazine 2006.

2.One Act Play entitled Divorce, Divorce ! in the Govt. College of Teacher Education, Calicut, College Magazine 2007.

3.‘My Cricket Memory Capsule’ in Mayilpeeli 2009, Govt. College of Teacher Education, Trivandrum, College Magazine.P 47-49.

4.Compassion, Intuition & Happiness in Uchaveyil Pachaelakal, Govt. College of Teacher Education, Trivandrum, College Magazine 2011-12.

5.Let us think about  thinking… in Chappilla, Govt. Brennen College of Teacher Education, Thalassery, College Magazine 2013-14.P55-56.

6. The BEST...which a teacher can give   in Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram, College Magazine 2014-15.P19-23.

7. When Thoughts Magically Resonate  in Shatabdhi Smaranika (1911-2011) Govt. College of Teacher Education, Thiruvananthapuram. P116-117.

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