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The content of the articles listed below are my own opinion and products of brain surges prompted by certain intense personal experiences. I would like to make it clear that the articles do not represent my employer’s view and some of my old articles don’t necessarily represent my present thought process / opinions.

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The articles  in  this  Blog are classified as shown below:

A.On English Language Teaching (ELT)

B.On Education


The most recent publications are shown in red
  A.On English Language Teaching (ELT)

Curricular Reforms/ Innovations

*A Baseline Study of English in Kerala


ELT Course Book

*Kerala’s Newly Introduced CB for English-A Critique


Teaching of English

*......20 Minutes  Productive Skill Tasks That Fetch Results

*Guiding ESL Learners to Appreciate Poetry


*Certain Deficiencies Among ESL Learners in Kerala


*Language–based Tasks following Constructivist Paradigm

ELT Notes


A 1. Task-based Language Teaching
A 2. Tasks using Film
A 3. Tasks for a New Curriculum
A 4. Checking Comprehension: Novels
A 5. ICT for ELT
A 6. Models of Teaching (Part I)
A 7. Models of Teaching (Part II)
A 8. Synectic Model for Teaching English
A 9. In The Smithy of Learning
A 10.They Can’t … They Shan’t (poem)
A 11.Error Engagement
A 12.Use of Comics and Music in ELT
A 13.Use of Rhymes for Ecological Awareness
A 14.An Appraisal of Methods and Approaches Used for Teaching English in Kerala
A 15.Texting and Fossilization
A.16.Critical and Creative Thinking
A.17.Some Howlers in English
A.18. Learner Training
A.19. Some ELT Tasks
A.20. Notes from ELT Conference on Teacher Development
A 21. On  a teacher becoming a professional   
A.22. Prof Prabhu on task-based teaching

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ELT Chat

1. When Communicative English was made compulsory
2. Oh! To Learn Words Words Words
3. ELT Issues worth pondering on
4. Realistic Imitation: A Mental Process With A Difference
5. An Oppressed Pedagogy
6. Cultural Snobbery or Cultural Shock?
7. Are we capable of thinking critically?
8. Didn’t we leap before looking?
Task-based Language Teaching – A Relook

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B.On Education

*From Mentoring to Disciplining


Articles on Education

*Government College of Teacher Education Kozhikode: Community Living


*A Review of Extra-syllabus Programmes of Government College of Teacher Education, Trivandrum On The Eve of Its Centenary


*Honing Human Rights in the L2 Classroom: Pedagogical Possibilities Using Films


*CCC for AAA: Tapping Creativity, Collaboration & Cooperation for Quality in Teacher Education


Reports of Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops

*Report of the Two-Day National Seminar on New Directions in Higher Education, organized by the Kerala State Higher Education Council on 12th and 13th July 2010

 *Report of workshop on Reconceptualization of Pre-service Teacher Education in the University of Kerala

ELT/Education abstracts


educhat (micro articles on Education)

1. The Seven Planes of Knowledge
2. Is There A School Teacher Mentality?
3. What Next in India?
4. Three Favourite Quotes on Teaching
5. On Punishments
6. Learning Cradle
7. Teaching Visual Learners : A Few Facts
8. Freedom for Children!
9. Views on Teacher Training
I0. The Spirit of life Skills
11. Life and Learning
12. And now...SQ
13. Improving reading habits of school children
14. Thus we ’nurture’ them!
15. One Step Forward…Three Steps Backwards
16. Whither simple etiquette?
17. Teaching jobs sans creativity…sans donation?
18. Does the Internet Kill Reading?
19. Are Senses the only Gateways of Knowledge?
20. More Power cuts and Power Hikes Please
21. Teacher Moderation in the time of competition?
22. Can learners learn on their own?
23. When learner becomes consumer
24. First rates treat third rates
25. Are our priorities right?
26. Issues to Ponder on After Trainee Reflection
27. Christmas Messages for Curriculum Committee Members
28. To Compete or Cooperate: Whose Competition Is It Anyway
29. Does environment affect a child’s temperament?
30. Whither Gardens

31. What course of action will you take?
32. What is life without research?
33. Save our UG stream
34. Quality Concerns in Education
35. Impressions on Quality
36. Does verse allure the mischievous?
37. Who is likely to be the best?
38. Another  X’mas, Another Message
39. Changing  perspectives in teaching

40. Some trainee observations to Ponder Over
41. Does Education empower ?
42. Teacher or Counsellor?
43. Remembering a Teacher-Poet
44.When quality matters
45.Use and misuse of PowerPoint
46.Weddings and Education
47.Models and its uses
48.Whither Catharsis?
49.In your happiness lies mine
50.Why should children attend school?

51.Thoughtful New Year Messages
52. Time to fill up a lacuna in ASAP  training
53.A sense of sacredness
54.Onam Thoughts
55.Time to Invigorate
56.From Equality to Quality
57.Any takers for Children’s Film?
58.When a musician thinks
59.Do we  develop the olfactory perception in  our children?
60. Seminar excerpts: Education at the Crossroads
61.A State of Equilibrium

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B 1. Is the Teacher an Artist or a Scientist?
B 2. Trend Setting English Club Activities
B 3. The Old Sculptor (poem)
B 4. Community Living Camp Report 2005-06

For B 1 to B 4 please view http://www.collegemagazine.blogspot.com


1.About Eduthink
2.Techno Thoughts For Teachers
3.Notes From a Workshop on Best Practices In Higher Education
4.Best Practices in Higher Education
5.Trainees’ Reflection After Practice Teaching
6.Teacher Educators’ Observation on Trainee Performance
7.Accreditation to ‘Discreditation’ : Campus Musings
8.Frustrating Questions
9.Brief Report of the Foundation Day Lecture
10.Reflections on Practice Teaching 2009-10
11. An assignment, An e-mail & A reply
12. A Misperception of Sex and Love
13. Tips on Family-centred approach in teaching
14. Notes from a seminar on Gender Quest
15. Teaching without experiencing?
16.  An  Employability Model                      
17. When something is wrong somewhere how will we refine our Curriculum ?
18. Notes on Technology for ELT

19.Can we make a difference?
20.Process Skills in Science and Languages
21.Strategy for film making
22.Realism and Naturalism

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C.P.Student Blog

C1. Superstitions of Kerala
C2. Chalussery Community-based Field-study Reports
C3. Qualities to be nurtured in school children
C4. English Translation of Malayalam Film Lyrics
C5. English Translation of Kumaran Asan's verses
C6. English Translation of Malayalam Film Songs

C7. Portrayal of Women in Malayalam Film Songs

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PHOENIX: Blog of the Dept. of English,Govt.CTE,Trivandrum

1. Academic Plan BEd 2009-10
2. Paper V Principles of Pedagogical Analysis
3. Paper IV Theoretical Base of Teaching English
4. Question Paper : Model Examination Paper V
5. Question Paper : Model Examination Paper IV
6. Second Spell of Practice Teaching : July 2010
7. Paper IX Modern Instructional Strategies : English
8. Paper X Pedagogical Analysis of Syllabus in English
9. Question Paper : Model Examination Paper IX
10.Question Paper : Model Examination Paper X
11. Academic Plan 2010-2011
12. Photo Album 2009-10
13. Christmas Celebration Following Election
14. Cartoon and European Art exhibition
15. Question Paper: Model Examination Paper IV
16. Question Paper: Model Examination Paper V
17. Film Club 2010-11

18. Question  Paper Model Examination October 2011 Paper IX
19. Question Paper Model Examination October 2011 Paper X
20. Bidding Adieu: 2010-11 Batch
21. Down memory lane…2008-09 Batch
22. Down memory lane…2009-10 Batch
23. Down memory lane…2010-11 Batch
24. Eduthoughts – 1
25. Eduthoughts – 2
26. New Batch…New Year
27. International Meet 04 Feb 2012
28. Report : International Meet
29. Trainees’ comment on International Meet
30. Trainee Teaching Notes: International Meet
31. Eduthoughts – 3
32. Paper IV Model QP 2012
33. Paper V Model QP 2012
34. Phoenix dies to be reborn

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PHOENIX II: Blog of the Dept. of English,Govt.CTE,Trivandrum

1. A Memorable Trip
2. Paper IX Model Exam October 2012
3. Paper X Model Exam October 2012
4. Academic Plan BEd. 2012-13
5. Eduthoughts – 4
6.International Workshop on Task-based Language Teaching
7. Eduthoughts-5
8.New Year 2013
9. They have done it again
11.International Workshop on Communication Skills
12. Murali Mash comes,,,the jungle chimes
13. Paper IV Model exam March 2013
14. Paper V Model exam March 2013
18.Nature Camp
19.Seminar on English Grammar
20.Prize  for Innovation
21.Questions for Revision
22.Paper IX Model exam October 2013
23.Paper X Model exam October 2013 
24.Merit Day and  Farewell
25.Yet another prize
26. A New Batch Arrives
27.Eduthoughts -10
28.International Seminar

29.Time for Shutting Down

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*Padmanabha Swamy Temple Musings

CP Article Archives
1.Teaching and Art
2.Can Pedagogic Analysis be anathema?
3.Attention Teachers:101 Qualities Worth Acquiring
4.If Not Love What
5.Notes on the role of Research Universities in Developing Countries
6.Reflection:Tales Trainees Tell
7.The educational implications of the theories of punishment
8.The Semiotics of Twigs and Leaves

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Brennen Breeze [Blog of  the Dept. of English, Govt. Brennen CTE,Thalassery]

1.A new batch arrives
2.The previous batch
3.Awesome talent
4.Model Exam QP –P IV  Oct 2014
5.Model Exam QP-P V Oct 2014
6.Academic Plan First Semester
7.Snap shots of Field Trip
8.Mid Semester Test Feb 2015
9.Model Exam QP  March 2015
10. College Election
11.Our Whatsapp study
12.Returned..Another Batch Leaves
13.Third-Two Year Batch
15.English Club
16.Achievers 2017-18 Batch
17.Workshop Reading and Refl. on Texts
18.Workshop on Cinema and Electronic Media

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FET@KU (Blog of the English Teacher Educators of  Kannur University)
1.Need  for a Platform
2.Beginning with Orientation
3.Online course reflection
4.Different formats…Need for consensus
5.Specimen Lesson Plan
6.Specimen Format-Design of Achievement Test
7.Do we teach the Revised Taxonomy?
8.MOOC  on teaching Grammar
9.Model Q.P.Understanding the Discipline
10.Model Q.P.Pedagogy
11.Model Q.P.Assessement
12.Workshop held at Govt. Brennen CTE
13.News for You
14.Two Must Read Articles

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CP Craft (YouTube Channel)
II.I Move therefore I am
2.We are all moving
3.My little treasure
4.The Big Bang
5.English Through Malayalam
6.Bahubali Quiz-Just for fun
7.Dennis Musings-1
8.Who is Winston Churchill?
9.Has Cochin changed?
10.Antique Collection

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